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| Who Are We?

Who am I to examine your motives? Who are you to reason with my choices? How is it that we know best for others, but not for ourselves?

| Create For Your Own Sake

Make the goal to make thoughts physical. Whether this is a gesture of kindness or the writing of a book. Create for your own sake.

| Loss Hope

How much does this world lose by the loss hope and the faded dreams of the unlucky fella? How many great ideas remain as napkin sketches?

| Happiness: What is it?

What is happiness? A at-the-moment feeling of ecstasy? We pursue it, then once attained, it passes. We then chase an imagined happiness.

| Life and Society

Life … A circle of the flaws of its inhabitants.

| Hardships

Through our hardships we succeed.

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John-Talmage Mathis holds an MBA from Louisiana State University in Shreveport and has simultaneously attained a bachelors in marketing, bachelors in management, and an associates in computer information technology from McNeese State University. He has also served proudly in the military.

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